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Ewing Farm near Wooster, Ohio has been in the family for over 200 years

Ewing Farm near Wooster, Ohio has been in the family for over 200 yearsGalvalume Weather Lock 26Ga

Few things now days last for 50 years, and the fact that something has been in the same family for over 200 years is an amazing fact. William Ewing purchased 2,000 acres near Wooster OH in 1812, and that property has remained in the family until this day. Altho there have been improvements and renovations made over the years, many of the structures remain.

In the life of a farmer, the barn is a very important structure and a staple to the farmer’s way of life. The original barn that was on the Ewing property burned to the ground in 1939 because of a lightning strike. At that time the Ewing barn was the largest barn in all of Wayne County, so it was a loss of epic proportions. As was the custom in that day, everyone in the area was willing to volunteer and rebuild the structure, however, because of the cost that was involved, the barn that was rebuilt was smaller than the original one.Galvalume Weatherlock Plus

Five years ago, the family decided to update the home that was located on the property. Among the many things that they upgraded they lifted the home, and dug a new basement under the home. They also installed a new metal roof on the home and added a lot of details to the exterior. In October of 2016, the owners turned their focus to the Barn. There was an addition that was added to the side, the roofing was replaced with Galvalume Standing Seam, and a number of other improvements were made. Throughout the entire prosses, the family was concerned in maintaining the timeless style that the original buildings were designed to have. Classic Metals was privileged to be involved in manufacturing the Standing seam for the Barn On-Site, and the project went very well.

All of us here at Classic Metals and First Choice Exteriors, want to Congratulate the Ewing Family on a beautiful property and wish  you all many more years of enjoyment.Home


Polk Church 2

Polk Church of Christ, has stood the test of Time

Polk Church of Christ, has stood the test of Time

polk church of christ date unknown open belfryPolk Church 3

In this modern time of fast paced technology, and disposable products, it feels refreshing to hear about a Church / Congregation that has stood the test of time. One of those examples is the Church of Christ in Polk Oh. The current church building itself was built in 1906, however the congregation was founded by Thomas Campbell, and his son Alexander in 1840. Starting in about 1860 the congregation started regular monthly meetings, and in 1870 they decided to erect a church building. Jacob B. Fast, a carpenter from Troy Township built the church for $1,500.00 and dedicated it on February 19 1871.






There were many hard times and good times throughout the years, and in 1890 it looked like the church might dissolve into the pages of history, however on July 28th 1897, five woman convened to form the Ladies Aid Society with a goal to secure a suitable place to hold preaching services in Polk. Through much determination, fundraising and hard work they raised the funds needed to build a new church building in January 1906. A few of the costs of interest that were involved were an Organ– $34.48, 8 dozen chairs–$41.56, Hymnals–$8.00, and the land for–$250.00.Polk Church Steeple 2

Classic Metals was contacted when the time came to replace the existing asphalt shingle roofing with a 24ga Standing seam roof. One of the challenges to the project, was the fact that the steeple roof was curved, and the question was asked if it was possible to install steel roofing in such a application. We worked with the installers to calculate the amount of curve that was needed, and then manufactured the panels in-house to those specs. A big advantage that Classic Metals was able to provide, is that the curving is done at our location, rather then shipping the material from another source. The final project came together very nicely, and the congregation of the church could not be more pleased with the final outcome.

If you happen to be in the Polk Ohio area, be sure to stop by, or attend a service, and take part is a piece of history that has stood the test of time, and been in operation for over 150 years.

Service times are as follows……Sunday School–9:30, Morning Worship–10:30, Bible Study ( Second Sunday of the Month )–11:30

Polk Church 1




Hand Seamed Metal, is replaced with Terracotta Standing Seam

Hand Seamed Metal, is replaced with Terracotta Standing Seam

Metal roofing has made drastic improvements in design and longevity in the last 40 years, and this fact was proven once again at a image1job site that we visited a few weeks ago. The existing roofing that was on the home of Dave and Heidi Scherpelz was Galvanized Hand Seamed Standing Seam Roofing. This type of steel roofing has yearly maintenance that is needed in order for the roof to last long term. Every year the seams need to be re-crimped and sealed with a special sealer and the roof need to be inspected for leaks. Over the years some of these steps had been neglected, and the roof was slowly deteriorating.

“This home is located on a hill, and we  experience very high winds on a regular basis”, the owner Heidi told me.  ” I guess we did not really realize how bad the roof was, until after a hard storm, I counted 40 leaks”. It was then that Heidi began the process of finding a roofing installer that they could trust, and began making decisions on the style and color of roof that they wanted. They interviewed a lot of roofing contractors and they quickly felt comfortable with Hochstedler & Sons Construction, located in Gambier Oh. “Paul from Hochstedler answered all of our questions and with the experience that they had as a company, we knew that they House3would do a great job”.House1

As they discussed the different options in metal roofing, Heidi pointed out that with the high winds that they receive, they needed something that would stand the test of time. The 16″ wide Weatherlock panel was decided on because of its high wind resistance, and how its appearance stayed true to the style and design that the original home builder had in mind. “Picking a color was hard” Heidi said “but that is where Google was our friend, when we wondered how a color combination would look, we searched for it on Google images, and that really helped us make our decision”.

House4Hochstedler and Sons did a really great job on the installation, and everyone is really pleased with how it turned out. They really took their time and paid attention to the details, and that is really important for a completed job to look its best. Congratulations to Dave and Heidi on a great looking home, and a roofing system that is designed in such a way, that yearly maintenance is now a thing of the past.House5

Day Care 2

Karen’s Kids Campus provides children daycare Morrow county

Karen’s Kids Campus provides children daycare Morrow county

When we take the time to evaluate the things in our life that are really important, family is definitely on the top of the list. It is for this reason that when the time comes to choose a daycare provider for our children, the decision should not be made lightly.Day Care Front

Karen’s Kids Campus is located on 63 Sportsmans Dr., Marengo, OH 43334 and specializes on providing daycare services and preschool to children ages 6 weeks to 12 years old. They are fully licensed and offer a variety of services and benefits to the surrounding areas. They specialize in Daycare, Preschool, and Before / After school care. They also can provide bus services to the highland schools which really provides another layer of convenience for everyone. The slogan that Karen’s Kid Campus operates by is ” To Teach is to Change Lives ” and everyone that is on staff, believes and operates this way.

Day Care TopKaren’s Kids Campus began March 1st 2015 at a different location, and then moved to the current location close to Interstate 71 in early 2016. Classic Metals was involved in manufacturing the Standing Seam for the building that they are currently in and worked closely with the roofing installer. The roofing that was chosen was the weatherlock  16 inch wide panel, manufactured on-site in a 26ga custom red color and it was installed by Schwartz Quality Construction located in Marengo Oh. They did a awesome job with the install, and really took the time to insure that everything was installed correctly.

If you would like more information regarding Karen’s Kid Campus you can call 419-253-7400 or visit their website.


Day Care 1

Hospital Side

Custom Colored Standing Seam installed on Health Center in Marengo OH

Custom Colored Standing Seam installed on Health Center in Marengo OH

There are many choices when it comes to where we go to receive healthcare, however there are always healthcare facility’s that stand out among the rest. That decision has become a little easier to make if you live in the Marengo Ohio area.

In 2013 the Morrow County Hospital at the Cardinal Center was built with the intention to provide high quality healthcare to the area. During the planning phases, the decision was made to pursue Standing Seam Roofing, however the exterior designer was looking for a bright red color that was not available as a standard color. That is where Classic Metals was contacted to look at the color that was needed, and pursue the option of painting a custom color. The custom color was painted, and then later, the panels were manufactured on the jobsite by Classic Metals. The Standing Seam Panels were installed by Schwartz QuaHospital Toplity Construction, located in Marengo Ohio.

Essentra Pharmacy is also located in the same building, which really helps to make filling prescriptions a breeze. At Essentra Pharmacy, they strive to have the feeling of a hometown pharmacy, while still providing the most advanced products, services, and information that is available. They also understand that time is precious, so they work efficiently to get your prescriptions ready in a quick, but safe, manner.

If you are looking for high quality dental care in the Marengo area, then Cardinal Family Dental, which is also located in the same building near the intersection of I-71 and SR 61 is the place to go. Dr. Lenz and Dr. Meers will treat you like family, and are on the cutting edge when it comes to Dental treatments and procedures. From exams and cleanings, to root canals or extractions, the staff at Cardinal Family Dental will treat you with honest and thoughtful care.

The entire facility has really been a asset to the area, and Classic Metals is proud to have played a part in the construction and completion of this project.

Standing Seam

Asphalt Shingles need replacement after only 12 Years

Asphalt Shingles need replacement after only 12 Years

When Gene and Barb Wintersole originally purchased their home, they were not aware that a roof replacement was in their near 26 ga Slatefuture, however, there was no way to avoid it. Several years after purchasing the home, they realized that the asphalt shingles were deteriorating fast, after being installed for less than 12 years. They attempted to contact the shingle manufacturer for a warranty claim, but were told that because they were not the original owners, the roof was no longer under warranty. As they considered the roofing options that were available, they made contact with Aaron from Quality Roofing, a roofing installer from Big Prairie Ohio. Aaron explained the advantages of a Standing Seam metal roof and the decision was made to install the 16″ Weatherlock Panel in 26 Gauge Slate Gray. The installation went great, and they were very pleased with the final product.

Gene informed me that almost everyone on their block has had to replace their roof since they have lived there. Some of the neighbors have replaced their roofs with asphalt shingles, but it just does not make sense to install a asphalt shingle, and have it only last for 12 years. If you look at the big picture, in the long run a metal roof is far cheaper.

Gene WintersoleOne of the things that Gene does currently to stay busy is to take photo’s of the surrounding Amish community, and a number of his photo’s have been used in magazines and newspapers. You can view some of the photo’s that he has taken at

We appreciate the opportunity to work with Gene and Barb in order to make the roof on their home, the LAST thing that they need to worry about.Slate


Metal Roofing and Sky

Metal Roofing, What is the True Cost?

Metal Roofing, What is the True Cost?

What is the true cost of Metal Roofing, and how does it compare to asphalt shingles? That is a question that i hope to clarify. When it comes to making a major purchase, the tendency is to only base our purchase decision on the price of the item. Sometimes this can be OK, but often it leads to making a decision that will cost us far more in the future.

The average cost of replacing your roof with a dimensional asphalt shingle is around $260.00 per square. This would equate to $7,800.00 for the average ranch home. The frustrating part is knowing that in 20-25 years those very shingles will end up in a landfill.  In a 60 year span this home will need to have the roofing replaced 3 times. This could very easily reach a total of $25,000.00.

The average cost of installing a entry grade metal roof will be around $300.00 per square. This equates to $9,000.00 for the average ranch home. This Metal Roof will have no problem in lasting 60 years, and will do so for the total cost of the original purchase.           ( $9,000.00 )

Another factor to consider is the energy saving of a energy star Metal Roofingmetal in comparison to asphalt shingles. This fact alone would
provide a substantial savings over a 60 year period. Some recent study’s have shown a average potential savings of $300.00 per year, equaling $18,000.00 in 60 years. An additional fact to consider is the increase of value that your home will have with a Metal Roof. If you ever sell your home, the buyer will have peace of mind knowing that the roofing is the last thing that he needs to be concerned about.

In the 60 year example that we laid out, here is the true total Cost of the two roofing systems

Asphalt Roofing–$25,000.00

Metal Roofing–$ -9,000.00 ( a Total Savings of $34,000.00 )

What is the True Cost of Metal Roofing?  You can’t afford NOT to buy a Metal Roof.

Feel free to Contact us if you have any questions or would like to have a estimate for your roof replacement.


Lakeview Baptist Church upgrades roof to Standing Seam

Lakeview Baptist Church Upgrades to Standing Seam

Lakeview Baptist Church is a great little country church  which is located at 10202 State Route 93 in Dundee Oh 44624 was in need of a roof replacement. The shingle roof was in bad shape and was on the verge of causing damage to the structure.

lakeview-4After discussing all the options with their installer of choice Kline Home Exteriors, they decided to go with the 26ga Eterna Guard Standing Seam manufactured in the 18″ width with a 1 3/4 rib height in Sierra Tan. This panel has superior rigidity and water tightness and was manufactured on site to the installers specifications.




Kline Home Exteriors really did a awesome job with the install and the job looks great. They are located in Millersburg Oh and specialize in metal roofing among other things. For more information about Kline Home Exteriors visit there website at or visit there facebook page at


The service times at Lakeview Baptist Church are as followslakeview-3

Sunday Morning Sunday School—9:30

Sunday Worship Service—10:30

Sunday Evening Service—6:00

Phone Number–330-878-7966



Homeowner returns Home to Architects Original Design with Standing Seam Roof

Homeowner returns Home to Architects Original Design with Standing Seam Roof

As I drove into the lane, my first thought was how nice and secluded the home was. Tucked in among the trees overlooking a rolling valley was a home that struck me with unique architecture and design.standing-seam-pond When I discussed with the homeowner (who prefers not to be named ) about why she chose to replace her roof with the 26ga Low Gloss Standing Seam. She informed me that she recently purchased the home, and knew at that point that there were several leaks. Although the leaks made the project urgent, there were several reasons that led her to the decision to not install asphalt shingles.

The first  reason was that the original architect had designed the home with Standing Seam in mind. The entire home was designed for efficiency and simplicity, and the Standing Seam roofing system fits very well with that. I also considered environmental factors involved with installing another asphalt shingle roof she said, taking care of our environment is important to me, and to think of those shingles only lasting 10 to 15 years, and then ending up in a landfill was not a good thought. The energy factor of metal roofing when compared to asphalt also came into play.


The customer informed me that she had set up a meeting with the original architect and also the builder of the home. After she had discussed all the options with them, she came to realize that the cost  for the Standing Seam was really not that much more after all the benefits were considered. It really comes down to value of the Standing Seam roofing system.The installers did a good job, and I am very pleased with the finished product. I am so glad that I chose to go this route.metal-roofing


Textured 3D Standing Seam

Textured 3D Standing Seam, installed at Tranquil Acres


Textured 3D Standing Seam, installed at Tranquil Acres

 Several months ago Jesse & Dorothy Steiner realized that the time had come when the roof on their home was needing a replacement. After looking at many of the different Metal Roofing options that  are available, they chose to go with the 16” wide Textured 3D Standing Seam. The Textured 3D Standing Seam was the roofing of choice for them for many reasons, including the reduced glare of the metal, and the hidden fastener system.Textured 3D Standing Seam

When the time came to choose the installers for the roof replacement Jesse chose to hire ‘Yoder Family Roofing and Seamless Spouting’ to do the project. “They did a Super Job” said Jesse, “Everything was cleaned up and the project looked great when they left. They installed the Roofing with care and professionalism, and this roof will last for a lifetime.


3D Textured Standing Seam  When I asked Jesse regarding what he does in his spare time, I discovered that he has a  lot to keep himself busy. His main occupation is his business, Tranquil Acres Cabins, which is located on the premises.

These three beautiful cabins are surrounded by forest, and fields in the middle of Amish Country; they feature Gas-Fireplaces and Knotty Wood Paneling. These TV free Cabins also come with a cozy Living room, Bedroom and Kitchenette; perfect for someone who is looking to get away from the busy rat-race of life, and spend a weekend soaking up the beauty of the forest, and surrounding Amish County. “We even have locals come and spend a night or two” said Jesse. There is a pond for catch and  release fishing and also hiking trails, and a small mini farm. Jesse is well versed in the local Holmes county area, and will be able to give recommendations for local activities and events. You can find out all the details at and book your own getaway.


Textured 3D Standing Seam

We really enjoyed working with Jesse and Dorothy and also Yoder Family Roofing with this project and look forward to working with them in the future.